eShore Raise Phishing Awareness With Seminar Following Latest RCIPS Email Hack


Phishing Awareness Seminar Designed To Leverage Human Anti-Phishing Solutions Alongside eShore’s Proven Information Security Services In the Caribbean, Bermuda and Latin America


Location: George Town, Cayman Islands, 21st March


The RCIPS Financial Crimes Unit recently issued public warning regarding the emergence of another phishing attack that appears to be circulating among local email accounts.

Police said the scam email, which was masquerading as correspondence in relation to Flow, targeted email addresses to fraudulently solicit information by enticing the user to click the link in the body of the email.

The police warned anyone who had received the email that it was not legitimate and the link in the email should not be clicked on. They also commented that the originating email,, does not exist.

eShore Ltd, a leading provider of Mimecast and PhishMe in the Caribbean, makes email safer for business. Research shows that email remains a highly popular attack vector for cybercriminals and for good reason: it is one of the most direct paths to entry and it relies heavily (and all too often, successfully) on human behaviour to assure initial penetration.

Polly Pickering, Managing Director at eShore Ltd, said: “Cyber attacks on personal and business email continue to rise at an unprecedented rate. We urge people to think carefully before opening or responding to emails; even those that look and appear to come from a trusted or legitimate source.”

“It is quite timely that we are hosting a phishing awareness seminar this week with two renowned international speakers. We’re teaming up with J.Peter Bruzzese, a renowned journalist, author, co-found of Clip Training and creator of Conversational Geek, and Jeffrey Fleischer, PhishMe’s cyber awareness enthusiast and lead anti-phishing advocate. ” Polly continues.

Hosted by eShore Ltd, the phishing awareness seminar takes place on 23rd March at the National Gallery of Cayman Islands. It will be followed by a ‘meet the experts’ session for concerned businesses interested in meeting our keynote speakers. The session will be held at eShore offices in Heroes Square, George Town from 2:30PM – 4:00PM.

About eShore and Sure International

eShore Ltd is a leading IT security provider for offshore jurisdictions and the Caribbean, Bermuda and Latin America markets. Founded in 2005, we are proud to partner with Sure International – a Channel Islands datacenter provider.