Armour Expo

Following the success of our inaugural event at Armour Expo, we're delighted to announce that Armour Expo will be returning in 2019.

Armour Expo Speakers

Armour Expo was packed with innovative, insightful and thought-provoking content from speakers and guests joining us from Canada, Bermuda, UK, USA, Jamaica, Hungary and Cayman.

While we touched on Blockchain & Cryptocurrencies, Privacy & Dark Secrets, Internet of Things (IoT), Cyber Threats and more, the survey results highlighted the ‘best’ presentations as; Arthur Keleti’s clip featuring Edward Snowden, Ken Bodnar’s Formula 1 Innovation talk, Dawn-Marie’s presentation on mounting pressure around GDPR, and Duncan C. Card’s cyber security from a legal perspective.

Ken Bodnar

Principal Consultant at Blockchain Associates

Changing the F1 World One Byte at a Time

Jon Bosco

Managing Partner at eDelta Consulting Inc.

New Kid on the Blockchain: Technology, Applications & Risks

J. Peter Bruzzese

Afternoon Keynote Address: For the Sake of a Horseshoe, The Kingdom is Lost

Duncan C. Card

Managing Principal at Bennett Jones

Mind the Gap: Corporate Governance & Cyber Security

Dawn-Marie Hutchinson

Executive Director at Optiv Inc.

GDPR: An Exercise in Data Accountability

Arthur Keleti

Cyber-Secret Futurist

Morning Keynote Address: The Imperfect Secret

Jan Liebaers

Deputy Ombudsman at ICO

Two Sides of the Same Coin: Data Protection and Cyber Security

Ralph Martino

‎Senior Director at Optiv Inc.

Managing the Risk of Sensitive Unstructured Data

Dr. Richard W. Rahn

Senior Fellow at Cato Institute

Closing Address: The Future of Money

Jay Ranade

Instructor at eDelta Consulting Inc.

Top 20 Cyber Security Threats and Trends of 2017-18

Abraham Thoppil

Partner at Maples and Calder

Internet Coin Offerings: Cryptocurrencies, Payment Technology, Blockchain and FinTech Innovation

Be a speaker at Armour Expo 2019!

Armour Expo invites speakers to submit proposals for topics that may be incorporated in our 2019 agenda. We encourage you to use this “General Call for Speakers” to provide suggestions for conference sessions when a specific conference Call for Speaker is not available.

For submissions to be considered, they should include:

Presentations that support Blockchain, IoT, Corporate Governance, Ransomware, Malware, Spoof Phishing/Phishing, Botnet, GDPR, Data Protection, Cryptocurrencies, FinTech, Cloud, and other industry topics

Real-world scenarios, examples of tools and working papers.

– Clearly identified and measurable learning objectives.

Value added content (e.g., white papers, relevant articles, tools guides and sample audit programs).


Proposed Presentation Topic*
BlockchainIoTCorporate GovernanceRansomwareMalwareSpoof Phishing/PhishingBotnetGDPRData ProtectionCryptocurrenciesFinTechCloudOther